Mrs. Gina Savage Malvezzi

Mrs. Gina Savage Malvezzi
Medicare Specialist

I specialize in helping people understand the rights and options they have with Medicare

Medicare is my passion.  At 52 years old, I have parents and grandparents that had to navigate the Medicare maze.  Unfortunately, I could not help my grandparents because I was not involved in the insurance business at that time.  I have, however, been front and center with my mother, after my father passed away because of the sub par care he received with the plan he chose. Waiting for a referral can be life altering.  Supplemental insurance along with original Medicare gives you the flexibility to see what doctor YOU choose, with no referrals and no network.

What you choose to supplement Medicare Part A and B is a personal choice.  A very personal choice.

If you don't understand fully how Medicare works, it is impossible to make an educated decision.  My role is to help you understand your choices so you can choose what is best for you.